An Introduction to a

New Type of Monasticism


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A new type of school in Youth with a Mission

This course is for the curious, the academic, and the pilgrim (those already on the New Monastic Journey). We will be looking at the existential question: “How then shall we live?” This question refers to ALL areas of life economically, politically, ecologically, sociologically, psychologically; no area is exempt.

We will be discovering A New Type of Monasticism that is emerging outside the traditional understanding of what it means to be part of the monastic community. New monasticism is an attempt to translate the essence of monastic living into a secular context through a “way for living” that is accessible to individuals, communities, and NGOs.

We will be looking at

  • the philosophy of New Monasticism (a new society based on a new humanity)
  • the Architects of New Monasticism (key people who have formed the foundation of NM such as, Bonhoeffer, Stringfellow, Merton, etc)
  • the Climate for New Monasticism (a post-christian society, new physics, and new paradigms)
  • a way for living a Christian life in today’s society, and the genesis of a community
  • and much, MUCH more

Together we will explore fundamental questions like:

  • “Who is it that you seek? (What are we looking for?)
  • “How then shall we live? (What kind of people are we going to be?)
  • “To whom shall we go? (How will we get there?)

The School of A New Type Monasticism passes on methods to living a life  of prayer, worship, holiness, fellowship and witness that can help people through this tumultuous, ever-changing culture. The hope of this school is to get people to value and find wisdom in the “old ways” of “doing church”.

For information and/or an application e-mail: or check the YWAM Stanely House Website: