Making Him Known

I love YWAM’s slogan: To know God and make Him known. To me, these are the two essentials of being a follower of Jesus. I have also seen that it is very hard to MAKE HIM KNOWN without KNOWING HIM. So for myself, these two have definitely always gone hand in hand. In some seasons I might focus more on one of them, but they will always be very connected.

For myself, the desire was always there to tell people about Jesus. It was probably a gift from God, because I didn’t particularly know God well. In fact, despite the fact that for the longest time I couldn’t even say I loved Him, I had this desire and inner drive to tell others about Him!

Inga MayI recall one of the first times that I sensed ‘hearing’ God’s voice. I had an impression that God asked me to go to one of our neighbours and share the good news with them. I postponed it for days, and finally, one day I psyched myself up, went to their house and rang their door bell. I believe it was the man in the house who opened the door. I felt sooo little, if I had had any words to share before that moment, they had definitely left me by now. The only thing I could think of saying was: ‘Can I pray for you?’

Honestly, I cannot remember what he answered. The only thing I remember was a relief because I had dared to step out in obedience to God, and a hope that this would lead them closer to God somehow.

There has been a lot of opportunities for me to share about Jesus to people since then. And I believe I have grown in both boldness and wisdom in how to go about this. I don’t know where you find yourself? Perhaps you identify with me before going up to the neighbour, timid and insecure? Or perhaps you have a lot of experience with sharing the good news and very confident?

Regardless of where you are at, I don’t think we will ever become ‘professional’ in this. I pray that we will become very fruitful and win a lot of people for Jesus, but at the end of the day, it boils down to staying close to Jesus’ heart, and responding when He prompts us to talk with someone. Sometimes people will listen, sometimes they won’t. The important thing is to not let the negative encounters stop us. Even the best evangelists have those moments, but the difference is that they have learnt from their mistakes and keep telling others about our King. Who knows, the next person you talk with could end up giving their lives to Jesus..

So my challenge for us is to not let the past direct our future. Instead let us ask God to send us out with boldness and wisdom. And let us also find those people who are really good at this, and learn from them! I’m a firm believer in a God who loves to partner with everyone- no matter how timid and insecure we feel. He loves to transfer lambs into lions who MAKE HIM KNOWN! Because He is a loving Father, desperate to call His children home.

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