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world2300x200 Get DTS Info packSo, you’ve looked around and are interested in applying for a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM Scotland? Maybe you’re not quite sure yet but need more info?

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Are you wanting to go deeper with God?

celticway1 Are you wanting to go deeper with God?The YWAM DTS is not just a training course. So many people have come on a DTS and have gone away changed – forever!

The teaching, living in community, going on outreach to another culture, awesome worship, late night chats, leaders who love and pray with you, amazing new friends – we could make a huge list of the highlights of being on a DTS.

It’s not all a bed of roses – sometimes you’ll be upset at your roommate, you’ll hate your daily chores, lectures pushing your buttons, waiting to wash your clothes, waiting for the shower, weird toilets on outreach, weird food on outreach, missing your friends and family – these are just a few of the things which could make your DTS a tougher experience than you were expecting.

The reality is, you’ll probably have a mix of the amazing awesome times and the wish-this-was-over times. We don’t ever say that spending 6 months away from home stretching yourself spiritually is going to be easy.

BUT – Are You Wanting to go Deeper With God?

When you come on your DTS in Scotland we want you to come hungry – come hungry for God. Hungry to grow closer to God, more in love with God, willing to change - your attitude to learning is really important to us because when the chips are down, when you’re finding DTS really tough are you going to grow, or will your heart attitude reveal something else?

Noone is perfect, we all have tough days – it’s learning to go towards God in the tough times and let Him embrace you, love you, heal you which will make your DTS a life changing experience.

If we haven’t put you off coming on a DTS in Scotland then contact us today to find out which DTS you want to apply for.

Also, for a bit of fun, why not comment with a highlight or lowlight about your DTS experience? icon smile Are you wanting to go deeper with God?